The Battered Fish Review

Since I started working downtown, the temptations of restaurants really get to me. Meeting up with an old university friend, we decided to try out The Battered Fish on Queen Street West, after finding a cheap Groupon online. Upon reading other reviews, there was something I had my eye on, the lobster roll. Since the Groupon was only good for $15 and the price one lobster roll was $15, we got separate Groupons.

We ventured into the restaurant around 2pm on a Thursday and it was fairly empty. A few people eating but not too packed. We ordered the lobster roll (As described on their menu: 100% Real lobster meat served our house made sauce served on a fresh New England style bun) and it came with a side of fries.

It didn’t take too long to get our food and we couldn’t wait to dig in. Although there were nice chunks of lobster, most of it was on the visible side of the bun. It looked like a lot of lobster but it wasn’t as packed as it seemed. The lobster mixture actually made the bun really soggy to the point where the lobster wouldn’t hold inside the bun. I wasn’t a huge fan of the lobster mixture as it just felt lacking in taste. I would have probably went down the street to Fresh off the Boat for a lobster roll of better value. However, the fries were pretty good, nicely salted and not cooked to the point of dry fries.The Battered Fish

I had way too much excitement and expectation for the lobster roll at The Battered Fish and it just didn’t deliver. However, I may go back just to try the fish and chips before I can really judge this place.

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