Sushi Time Review

For anyone’s who read my other reviews, it’s clear… I love Japanese food. Sushi Time was suggested by a friend who works close to me and since it’s a 5 minute walk away, it was time to try it.

Their lunch prices are great, you can get a full meal for about $10 and you’ll leave feeling full. I’ve been there twice and I’ve tried both a roll special and a bento box.

Sushi Time (2)For the roll I got the Spicy Salmon & Yam Tempura combo, I was a bit hesitant at first since I assumed they would be tiny 6 piece rolls but I pleasantly found out that they come as decent sized pieces and 16 rolls in total. It came with a salad and miso soup as well, as do most Japanese restaurants. The rolls weren’t the prettiest but it tasted pretty good. And for only $7.99, it was a great lunch.Sushi Time (1)

All the bento boxes on the lunch menu were listed at $8.99. I like having a teriyaki and tempura so I opted for the beef & croquette bento box. The bento was massive. It had about 6-7 pieces of tempura (one of which was shrimp), a potato croquette, a portion of beef teriyaki, a bowl of rice, and an orange slice. For the price, this was amazing value. For the bento I paid around $11 including tax and tip.

Since I work so close to Sushi Time, I’ll be going back for sure. Cheap prices and a decent filing lunch? Yes please!

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