Sushi Legend Review

So back in my university days, we frequented AYCE (all you can eat) sushi joints often. We would find a new place to try (thank goodness for student loans) and eat until we couldn’t walk anymore. However, after growing up and realizing that these things cost money, I haven’t been able to go out as much as I used to. But my boyfriend and I do occasionally enjoy going out binging and seeing how much we can polish off.

Over the years, I’ve had quite a number of go-to AYCE. But it wasn’t until about a year ago I stumbled across Sushi Legend. One of the pricier AYCE places, this joint is worth the money.

Their beef tataki is amazing. The super thin cut slices of beef paired with the citrus ponzu sauce is beautiful. The delicacy of the beef adds to the wonderful experience of the dish. The only downside is that sometimes the meat and the plates are quite cold (straight out of the fridge/freezer) and the tataki doesn’t taste as good when it’s in a frozen state.Sushi Legend (3)

They also offer salmon yuzu which uses the same ponzu sauce and it’s just as delicious. The outside of the salmon has been quickly seared but the inside is still raw and tender. I do prefer the beef over the salmon because the sauce does become a bit overwhelming when you’re expecting the freshness of the fish to come out.

On Fridays and Weekends for dinner, they offer scallop sashimi. The pieces are cut inconsistent but the freshness makes up for that. The pieces of scallop are so subtle and they just melt in your mouth. They also have spicy scallop sushi but I find that the spicy mayo takes away from the natural flavours of the delicate scallop.

Sushi Legend (4)


Since this is a place that focuses on quantity (as do most AYCE joints), I’ve noticed that the rolls do get messy when you order a lot of them. The spider roll (soft shell crab) is much better when you order it when it’s an off-peak time (such as during lunch because it’s not included in their lunch AYCE menu and they’ll deep-fry the crab as per order).Sushi Legend (1)

One of the surprising dishes I enjoy is the grilled chicken hearts. They’re not overly chewy but soft and tender. The sauce they marinate the hearts in is a sweet sauce that isn’t too overpowering. However, if you don’t enjoy the slight taste of iron, I wouldn’t order the hearts. Some other stand out dishes include the rock shrimp, stir-fry beef diced with garlic, grilled squid, and beef teriyaki.

Overall, this place is pretty good. It’s a bit pricey ($24.95 for dinner Monday-Thursday, $26.95 for dinner on Friday, weekends & Holidays) but it’s along the lines of most AYCE places these days. Sushi Legend is my new go-to place and as long as they keep having great food, I’ll keep visiting.

Sushi Legend (2)(I’ve tried both locations for Sushi Legend multiple times- food quality is about the same, between the two locations, I prefer the Leslie/Finch location over the Brimley/ Huntingwood one).

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