Sushi Bong Review

The good ‘old Sushi Bong.

I love this place.

My friends and I used to frequent this place as much as we could but over the years, our schedules have kept us from reuniting with the deliciousness that is Sushi Bong. This place probably has the best value of food in terms of price and quality. You can get a container full of sushi for merely ~$11 (tax included).

I usually order the Sushi Bong special (5pcs assorted Sushi, 8pcs California Roll, 4pc Salmon Maki). If you’re a fan of salmon, this is something you should order. Their California rolls actually have salmon in them which is quite surprising.

Sushi Bong

The ratio of fish to rice is perfect. Although the maki pieces are a little more than a mouthful, it’s packed full of filling. The seasoning of the rice is perfect and it still has a bit of warmth (not warm warm but not cold and brittle) to contrast the cold fish. They add wasabi to the sushi pieces (as it should be) so if you’re not a fan of wasabi, it would be wise to let them know.

The prices here are real cheap and the quality of service is great. The sushi chefs work great as a team and you can see that each chef knows exactly what they’re doing. The restaurant itself is small, with only 3 tables located inside for seating. The busy store usually serves people ordering take out. With the high turnover rate of Sushi Bong orders, the fish stays fresh and delicious.

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