Shiso Tree Café Review

My brother couldn’t stop raving about the delicious Nori Fries at Shiso Tree Café. That’s when I decided it was somewhere I needed to visit. My boyfriend and I went on a Saturday night and it was completely packed with hungry patrons. We were really surprised by the prices on the menu as all the dishes seemed very reasonably priced. We may have gone overboard ordering 6 items on the menu.

We ordered the famous Nori Fries (Tossed with homemade wafu dressing and Japanese seaweed) and the Okonomiyaki Fries (Dressed with homemade steak sauce, Japanese mayo, bonito fish flakes and green onions). Both were huge portions which we were not expecting. By the time we got half way through the fries, we realized how much food it actually was. I preferred the Okonomiyaki Fries over the Nori Fries because of the steak sauce. Don’t expect the steak sauce to taste like A1 or HP sauce. It’s more of a sweet sauce and it doesn’t have the strong tang flavor of western steak sauces.

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As for the entrees, we got a pasta dish for the boyfriend and the Smoked Salmon a la Crème Vodka (Vodka based cream sauce with smoked salmon and fresh dill. Garnished with ikura (salmon roe) and caviar) for me. I adore salmon and I’m not a huge fan of tomato sauces so it was a clear choice when I looked through the menu of pastas. It was a great surprise as the pasta dish wasn’t super heavy and the saltiness of the salmon worked perfectly with the cream sauce.

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Even though we were stuffed, I wanted to get something for dessert to end off the night. For dessert we ordered the Toasted Walnut tea (Japanese green tea with toasted walnuts, pineapple, coconut and almond) and the Azuki Matcha Crème Toast (Buttered toast with Japanese red bean, vanilla ice cream and fresh whipped cream drizzled with green tea crème sauce). The toast was absolutely amazing. I could have just had 4 plates of the dessert. The combination of red bean and green tea has always been one of my favourites but paired with the ice cream and toast as a vessel, it was fantastic.

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I’m positive that I’ll be back to Shiso Tree Café but perhaps next time, we don’t order as much as we did… unless of course, it’s the Azuki Matcha Crème Toast.

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