JC’s Grill House Review

After searching for a decent Groupon, I stumbled across this place. It seemed alright and it was close enough to home that I wouldn’t have to go out of my way.

My boyfriend and I ventured here on a Thursday evening. We walked into the doors expecting a restaurant full of tables and chairs. That wasn’t the case. It was a long hallway of doors and we had no idea which room to go into. Turns out that this place is a banquet hall and they do a lot of catering events but there isn’t any clear signage to direct hungry patrons in the correct path. Eventually we find the place which resembles a cafeteria atmosphere rather than a comfortable dine-in.

We get seated and quickly notice we are the only ones in the restaurant besides the one waitress. She’s super friendly and gets us our drinks promptly. We scan over the menu and I decide to order the fish and chips (as described on their menu: a fillet of Haddock, battered and fried, served with slaw, tartar sauce and hand cut fries. $12). My boyfriend opts for the pulled pork sandwich (as described on their menu: slow Roasted Pork topped with our special BBQ Sauce, Onion Rings and Swiss Cheese on top of a Fresh Bun. Paired with your choice of side. $11).

It doesn’t take too long for our food to arrive but when it does, a little bit of disappointment sets in. The fish and chips look like they’re one of those frozen fish cutlets you can get at the grocery store. It clearly isn’t homemade as the batter looks way too much like a factory processed filet. Tasting the dish, reconfirmed my fears. This was just a frozen dish that was reheated as ordered. The fries were nothing special, also the frozen stuff. The only saving grace was the coleslaw which I’m pretty sure was homemade. It was decent but I did find it a bit strong and vinegar-y.

JC's Grill House (2)

My boyfriend’s dish is a lot better though, in my opinion. He wasn’t a huge fan of the pulled pork but I thought it was decent, at least compared to the fish and chips I decided to order. I enjoyed the tangy barbeque sauce and semi-decent pork. I didn’t try a lot of the dish but from what I had tried, it wasn’t that bad.

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Throughout our stay at the restaurant, we noticed that not a single other table was filled. We were there for about an hour and a half and no one else came into the restaurant. I’m not sure if it was just a slow day for them or if this is what generally happens on Thursdays at JC’s Grill House. However, I do hope they’re doing a lot better when it comes to their catered dishes.

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