Shiso Tree Café Review

Shiso Tree Cafe  (1)

My brother couldn’t stop raving about the delicious Nori Fries at Shiso Tree Café. That’s when I decided it was somewhere I needed to visit. My boyfriend and I went on a Saturday night and it was completely packed with hungry patrons. We were really surprised by the prices on the menu as all the dishes seemed very reasonably priced. We may have gone overboard ordering 6 items on the menu.

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Sushi Legend Review

Sushi Legend (1)

So back in my university days, we frequented AYCE (all you can eat) sushi joints often. We would find a new place to try (thank goodness for student loans) and eat until we couldn’t walk anymore. However, after growing up and realizing that these things cost money, I haven’t been able to go out as much as I used to. But my boyfriend and I do occasionally enjoy going out binging and seeing how much we can polish off.

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The Battered Fish Review

The Battered Fish

Since I started working downtown, the temptations of restaurants really get to me. Meeting up with an old university friend, we decided to try out The Battered Fish on Queen Street West, after finding a cheap Groupon online. Upon reading other reviews, there was something I had my eye on, the lobster roll. Since the Groupon was only good for $15 and the price one lobster roll was $15, we got separate Groupons.

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Homemade Pizza

homemade pizza 2

I struggle with pizza, it’s one of those things that are hit or miss with the frozen variety and really expensive when getting delivery. So I thought, why not just make it at home by yourself? This super simple recipe is great when you’re running low on time and don’t feel like ordering in. And creating small personal pizzas for the whole family won’t cost you a lot!

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